Blast Email: August 15, 2017

Opening School Mass

The opening school mass is this Friday, August 18th at 9 a.m. We attend all school masses every Friday.  On Friday, August 25th, the school will be presenting the parish with a gift–the Artist in Residence project from last school year. This project is a painting created by the students under the direction of Paula Smithson titled “Saints Among Us.” Please join us if you can.

Solar Eclipse!

All of the classrooms will do age-appropriate activities to prepare for the partial solar eclipse. On Monday, August 21 at 11:10, the students will begin observing the partial eclipse with special glasses from the Clarke Planetarium. The students will observe the eclipse until approximately 11:40, giving them the opportunity to see the eclipse at its maximum, which will be 93% of total.

Please reinforce with your children, in particular the lower elementary students, that serious eye damage can be done by looking at the sun without the special glasses. (This is true of looking at the sun anytime, not just during an eclipse.) The teachers will also stress the importance of using the glasses during our observation of the eclipse.

Homework Lab

Homework lab, which is for grades 2nd-5th and 6th-8th, will start August 21st.
Click here for the homework lab schedule for the school year.

Back to School Night (Parents Only): August 24th

Mark your calendars for Back to School night Thursday, August 24th at 6:30 pm. beginning in the gym. This is for parents only. We ask that at least one parent attend. This is a great way to meet your student’s teacher(s). We will have two different classroom sessions to allow those of you with multiple children to meet all of your teachers.

Students with Medical Needs

If your student has any medical needs such as an epi pen, inhaler, or other medicine that the office needs to administer, please bring these into the office with your student’s name and instructions.

School Calendar

Saint Vincent School calendar for the 2017-2018 school year is posted on our website here. Please be sure to check the monthly calendars for events. Events may be subject to change.

Photograph Release Form

Saint Vincent School has Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts where we post pictures of our students. In addition, many times throughout the year, local media will cover an event or story, or we will create a brochure where photos of our students are used. Names of students are never used. If you DO NOT want your student used for any of these media avenues, please print and sign the following form and return by September 1st.
Download the 2017-2018 Photograph Form 

Parent and Student Handbook & Middle School Handbook

The Parent and Student Handbook, and Middle School Handbook for the 2017-2018 school year are posted on our school website. We will be sending out acknowledgement forms with the oldest child in each family. Please sign and return by Friday, September 1st. You may click on the following link to access the handbook.
Parent and Student Handbook 
Middle School Handbook 2017-2018 

Acceptable Use Policy

In order to access the Internet and use electronic devices at St. Vincent de Paul Parish School, all students in grades K-8 must read and agree to the terms of the Acceptable Use Policy each year. Below you will find a link to our Acceptable Use Policy. Please review the policy with your student(s) and then submit an electronic signature form (the link is included below, as well). The online form must be submitted in order for your student(s) to use Chromebooks, iPads, Computer Lab, etc. on our campus. Please complete the form no later than Friday, August 18, 2017, so that your student(s) can participate in Computer classes beginning August 21, 2017.
Acceptable Use Policy Link
Acceptable Use Policy Acknowledgement Form Link

Gym Fobs

If you have a fob that opens the school gym, please bring it to the office by the end of August so that it may be inventoried. We will deactivate all fobs to the school gym that have not been inventoried by the end of August. Please note that we will keep the fob if you are not currently authorized to have it.

Extended Day

Any families planning on using Extended Daycare for the 2017-2018 school year must have all paperwork completed prior to using. Completed forms may be submitted to the school office. You may contact Danielle Gibson at 801-527-2033 with any questions.

Family Data Request

Please make sure that if you have not yet completed our Family Information form, that you do so by Wednesday, August 16th. The form is available here. The information requested in this form is necessary as we build our contact lists, emergency contact information, allergy information, etc. Thank you for your help!

Hot Lunch – Granite

If you plan on having hot lunch (and have not previously registered your child(ren), you will need to sign up for the school lunch program through Pay-Pams (St. Vincent School is under the Granite School District). If you have an account through paypams, please make sure you add money to your child(ren) accounts. Please contact the school office with any questions.


We have a new grading program that is replacing Thinkwave. The new program is called RenWeb. We will send you information on how to access your child(ren)’s, assignments, grades, and attendance in the next few weeks. You will also be able to update all your family data information (emails, phone numbers, allergies, emergency contact information, etc.) If you have any questions, please contact the school office.

Calling all Lego Leaguers!

The next season of First Lego League is upon us! The theme is HYDRO DYNAMICS. Watch an introductory video by clicking on this VIDEO link. We need to gauge how many students (5th-8th graders) are interested in competing this year – as well as any parents willing to help volunteer in coaching, mentoring, or simply helping out! (Information about our Lego League Junior team will be sent at a later date.)

STUDENTS: If you are ready for a fun season with a lot of work to prepare for the competition – it involves three aspects, all judged equally: teamwork, a science-fair-type project, AND the Lego Robot competition. It’s a lot to do, but we came back with a trophy last year! You don’t need to be an engineer- you just need to be ready to work with your team!

PARENTS: We need not only tech-minded/engineering people. We need anyone who has an interest in helping our students succeed. It’s not all robotics – our team is judged EQUALLY on teamwork and the project presentation itself. Let me know of any interest from coaching, to field trip connections, to simply helping with taking photos throughout the season!

Please respond to Brent Johnson at, 801-597-3681


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