Blast Email: August 8, 2017


Please make sure that your child(ren)’s hair, fingernails, and ear piercings are in compliance with our dress code policies by the first day of school. Parents of students who are, in some way, not in compliance with the dress code will be notified and will have until the next day to fix the violation. Those students will not be allowed back to school until the violation is fixed. Consult the Parent Handbook for more information.

Hot Lunch – Granite

If you plan on having hot lunch (and have not previously registered your child(ren), you will need to sign up for the school lunch program through Pay-Pams (St. Vincent School is under the Granite School District). If you have an account through paypams, please make sure you add money to your child(ren) accounts. Please contact the school office with any questions.

School Supplies

If you would like to drop off your child(ren)’s school supplies before Wednesday, August 16th you can drop them off on Monday, August 14th and Tuesday, August 15th, or you may bring them the 1st day of school.


We have a new grading data base that will be replacing Thinkwave. The new data base is called RenWeb. We will be sending you out information on how to access your child(ren), assignments, grades, attendance in the next few weeks. You will also be able to update all your family data information (emails, phone numbers, child allergies, emergency contact information, etc.) If you have any questions, please contact the school office.

Calling all Lego Leaguers!

The next season of First Lego League is upon us! The theme is HYDRO DYNAMICS. Watch an introductory video by clicking on this VIDEO link. We need to gauge how many students (5th-8th graders) are interested in competing this year – as well as any parents willing to help volunteer in coaching, mentoring, or simply helping out!

STUDENTS: If you are ready for a fun season with a lot of work to prepare for the competition – it involves three aspects, all judged equally: teamwork, a science-fair-type project, AND the Lego Robot competition. It’s a lot to do, but we came back with a trophy last year! You don’t need to be an engineer- you just need to be ready to work with your team!

PARENTS: We need not only tech-minded/engineering people. We need anyone who has an interest in helping our students succeed. It’s not all robotics – our team is judged EQUALLY on teamwork and the project presentation itself. Let me know of any interest from coaching, to field trip connections, to simply helping with taking photos throughout the season!

Please respond to Brent Johnson at, 801-597-3681


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