Saint Vincent de Paul School celebrates Random Acts of Kindness Week with days of themed activities

SALT LAKE CITY — Marie West, counselor at Saint Vincent de Paul School, organized the first annual “Random Acts of Kindness Week” Nov. 14 – 18 with planned themes and activities centered on encouragement, gratitude, and caring for others.
The week started with Mindful Monday, during which students were greeted with signs and happy face balloons all over campus welcoming them back on Monday morning. Mrs. West gave each student a sticky note with a personal note of encouragement to begin their day. A “Kindness Mural” in the hall was hung, and on it students and staff wrote down something they did recently that was kind. The mural was covered with an array of students’ kind acts.
Thoughtful Tuesday was focused on becoming a “RAKtivist,”short for Random Acts of Kindness activist. Students were encouraged to think like kindness ambassadors. A card with one act was given to each student to complete by the end of the week, such as holding the door open for a fellow student or telling a friend why they are special. When the task was completed, the card was put in a jar located in their classroom. By the end of the week, each teacher had a jar filled to the brim with their students’ kind gestures.
Worthwhile Wednesday focused on family. Students were encouraged to think about whom they love and appreciate in their family. Each student made a card for a family member expressing gratitude for what makes them so special. Thankful Thursday was for staff appreciation.  Students wrote notes or decorated pictures thanking each staff member.
The week concluded with Friendly Friday, which focused on spiritual reflection. During Mass, Father John Norman, pastor of St. Vincent de Paul Parish, spoke in his homily about kindness and love, and their importance in the Catholic faith. After Mass, Principal Gary Green told the students, “We hope that what we did during Kindness Week stays with you forever and is a continual reminder to be mindful of what we say and do to others.”
Courtesy of St. Vincent de Paul School