School Survey Blast Email: January 25, 2018

School Survey

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The school was alerted that our survey results would not be anonymous due to the way we sent the survey links. We have sent the survey links this way the last 2 years and the results have been anonymous, but in checking with Constant Contact, they told us that they added a feature that needs to be turned off in order for the survey links to be truly anonymous. The links below will give us anonymous results.

This still leaves the issue that the results we have so far are not anonymous. No one has seen these results, so the identities of anyone who has responded are still unknown to us. If you are among those who have responded to the survey, you have 2 choices: 1. Leave the results as is and know that we will delete the column that lists the email address of respondents, or 2. Send an email to Kat ( stating that you would like to retake the survey. Your survey results will be deleted and your new responses will be delivered through the anonymous link.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

Gary Green

Please click on the survey link(s) that applies to your child(ren):

Pre-K 4 School Survey
Kindergarten School Survey
1st Grade School Survey
2nd Grade School Survey
3rd Grade School Survey
4th Grade School Survey
5th Grade School Survey
Middle School Survey

Please contact any of the School Board members below with questions about the survey:
Zach Pino, President:
Jen Cockle, Vice-President:
Stew Bates, Secretary:

Strategic Planning Committee Members:
Frank Pedroza:
Vicki Calevas:
William Trentman:


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