Teachers and Staff

Principal: Gary Green

Gary has been principal since 2015. Prior to being principal, he was the vice principal at Saint Vincent for 8 years. In his earlier career, Gary taught 5th grade for 11 years at various Catholic Schools in Utah. Gary is a graduate of Cosgriff and Judge Memorial Catholic High School. He received his degree from the University of Utah in Political Science and received his Masters of Arts in Teaching from the University of Portland. Gary is married and has three sons. He loves being a dad, running, hiking, and also has a passion for singing.

Father John Norman

Father John Norman was assigned as Pastor of Saint Vincent Parish and School in August, 2012. Father Norman has served as pastor at various Catholic Churches in Utah, including St. Vincents where he was an associate pastor from 1980-83 and again from 2006-2008. His most recent assignment was at our Lady of Lourdes in Magna, UT. Father Norman attended Judge Memorial High School and Mount Angel Seminary in St. Benedict, Oregon and the Pontifical North American College in Rome, Italy.

Vice Principal: Sarah Lambert

Sarah graduated from Marymount Manhattan College with a Bachelor’s degree in history and is a graduate of Judge Memorial Catholic High School. She worked five years at the Madeleine Choir School and four years at Juan Diego Catholic High School in the theology department. She also participates in music ministry at St. Vincent de Paul Parish. Sarah is married and has two beautiful sons and a dog.

Development Director: Therese Clay

Therese graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of University Studies in Humanities and is a graduate of Judge Memorial Catholic High School and Saint Vincent School. Most of her career has been in the public sector working in television marketing, public relations, and advertising. She is happy to be working in development at her Alma Mater. Therese is married to her husband, Brett, and has two children, Alannah, who is a freshman at the University of Portland, and Michael, who is a freshman at Juan Diego Catholic High School.

 Secretary: Kat Mitchell

This is Kat’s third year of working at Saint Vincent School as secretary. Kat is originally from Texas where she worked in the healthcare industry. She is married and has three children, two boys and one girl. Kat enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Secretary (Part-time): Kim Snarr

Kim is a native of Montana and has been a Saint Vincent parishioner since 1995. She has been associated with Saint Vincent School since 2001. Kim is married with three children, her youngest attending Judge Memorial Catholic High School. Recently blessed with twin grandchildren, she greatly enjoys her time with family and is a constant host for backyard fun and activities.

PreK (4) Teacher: Carol Sanderson

Carol has been teaching Pre-K at Saint Vincent School since 2002. She has a BA from King’s College (Wilkes-Barre, PA) and an MA in Developmental Psychology from Temple University (Philadelphia, PA). Carol is married to Hal and has 3 children. Her older two children graduated from Saint Vincent, and her youngest is currently in 2nd grade at the school. She believes that children are natural learners and loves to help her students explore and discover God’s creation.

PreK (4) Teacher: Jamie Keochareun

Jamie has worked at Saint Vincent School since 2006. She is married and has a son and a daughter. Jamie job-shares the PreK Teacher position with Carol Sanderson. She enjoys working with children and looks forward to teaching this school year.

Kindergarten Teacher: Yvonne Zdybowicz

Yvonne grew up in Toronto, Canada. Her family still lives there and she loves to go home to visit as much as she can. She met her husband, Gene, in Buffalo, NY. Yvonne graduated from SUNY Buffalo State with a Bachelor’s of Science in Early Childhood Education and a minor in French in 2008. She and her husband moved to Utah in 2012 and absolutely love it here! They have three dogs, an English Bulldog named Hoagie and two Dachshunds named Reuben and Sprout, and a Tortoise named Edison. Gene and Yvonne are football and hockey fans…Go Bills!

Kindergarten Teacher: Elyse Reiser

Elyse graduated from Westminster College with a Bachelor’s degree in clinical psychology. Before working at Saint Vincent School, she was a preschool teacher for two years and before that a youth facilitator. She is happily married and has two beautiful children. Elyse and her family are long time parishioners at Saint Vincent Parish and are happy to be part of this community. She enjoys reading, cooking, playing outside, and spending time with family.

1st Grade Teacher (Job Share): Denise Calderbank

Denise has a Master’s degree in education and a Bachelor’s degree in education from Bowling Green State University. Most recently, she taught third through sixth graders at Lial Catholic School in Ohio and before that taught first grade, second grade, and was a gifted and talented coordinator. Denise’s children, Max and Gwen, attend Saint Vincent School.

1st Grade Teacher (Job Share): Mary Williams

Mary received her B.S. degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Utah. She taught kindergarten and second grade in Granite School District for 13 years. Her two daughters attended Saint Vincent. Following a number of volunteer experiences here, Mary was asked to restart the closed library. After three years as librarian, she enjoyed teaching kindergarten and third grade at Saint Vincent for 19 more years and is excitedly looking forward to teaching first grade this year. Mary has been married for 41 years and loves spending time with her family, including her two grandchildren.

1st Grade Aide: Cindy Murphy

Cindy has worked at Saint Vincent School since 2014. She received her B.A. in Liberal Arts from the University of Arkansas. She and her husband have one daughter attending Saint Vincent school in 8th grade. She enjoys traveling, watching her daughter play soccer, reading, and playing with her dog.

2nd Grade Teacher: Monika Gdanska

Monika is originally from Poland where she worked as a teacher for six years. After relocating to the U.S. in 1995, Monika decided to focus on a family and voluntary work for local schools and her church. Eventually she became a full time teacher at Saint Stanislaus School in Fall River, MA, where she taught second grade for nine years. In 2016, Monika followed her two children who are students of Brigham Young University and University of Utah, and became a resident of Utah. She holds two Master’s degrees in Elementary Education; one from Poland and one from Massachusetts. Monika enjoys hiking, traveling, and reading.

2nd Grade Aide: Stephanie Garlinghouse

Mrs. Garlinghouse has been the aide for 2nd grade for many years. She holds a teaching credential. Her four boys graduated from Saint Vincent School.

3rd GradeTeacher : Kara Haney

Kara Haney has been teaching for 13 years and earned her B.A. in Early Childhood Education with a minor in Spanish from Westminster College. She is currently in the Education Leadership and Policy Graduate Program at the University of Utah pursuing her Master’s degree. She is a graduate of Judge Memorial Catholic High School and a longtime parishioner of Saint Vincent de Paul Parish.

3rd Grade Aide: Tracy Biorge

Tracy has been working at Saint Marguerite’s in Tooele for 10 years. She taught Kindergarten and, most recently, she worked as a Kindergarten Aide and with the Pre-Kindergarten and 1st grade with the reading program.

4th Grade Teacher: Devin Beals

Devin graduated from the University of Utah in 2011 with a B.S. in Elementary Education. She has worked at St. Vincent de Paul as an aide in both the first and fifth grade classrooms and has worked as the fourth grade teacher ever since. This will be Devin’s fourth year teaching in the fourth grade. Devin and her husband, Jason, recently had their first baby, Connor. He will be attending our Nano Nagle Children Center this fall. Devin graduated from Saint Vincent in 2000 and is happy to be back as a teacher in the school she once attended.

4th Grade Aide: Tiffany Bonner

Tiffany has worked at Saint Vincent School since 2010, however she has taught Pre-K for seven years prior. She and her husband, Ken, have two sons. Their oldest son attends The University of Utah studying Mechanical Engineering, and their youngest son attends Dixie State studying Exercise Science and is a pitcher on their baseball team. They absolutely love The Red Sox! Tiffany enjoys spending time with her family and traveling.

5th Grade: Terry Stack

Terry has been teaching for over 40 years and has been at Saint Vincent School since 1990. She is the most senior member of our teaching staff. Terry received her B.S. in Elementary Education from Montana State University. She also received her social sciences degree from Pepperdine University. Terry is the proud mother of sons Ryan and Tyler, and she is a very proud grandma to 13 year old Aiden, who is in 8th grade at Albion, and six year old Lola, who is in 1st grade at Saint Vincent.

6th Grade Teacher: Monica Howa-Johnson

Monica has been at Saint Vincent School since 2011. Monica attended Cosgriff and Judge Memorial and received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Utah and a Masters in Teaching from the University of Portland. She taught three years of Middle school religion at Saint Vincent School 20 years ago, then taught for two years at Juan Diego Catholic High School. From there, she worked for the Diocese of Salt Lake City for five years as Director of Communications and Safe Environment. She has been married to Brent for 17 years and her children, Genevieve and Zach, attend Saint Vincent School. She also enjoys singing, playing the guitar, mountain biking, hiking, and reading.

7th Grade Teacher: Alexandra Hustiu

Alexandra has been at Saint Vincent since 2013 and teaches English and literature for the Middle School. She has a degree in English and holds a secondary credential in English. She taught at Saint Francis Xavier School in Kearns. She is married to Radu, our music teacher. They have a daughter who is in our Nano Nagle Children Center.

8th Grade Teacher: Dr. Teresa Mucsi

Terry has taught at Saint Vincent School since 2013. She will be teaching middle school science and regular math. Dr. Musci has a Doctorate in Anatomy, a Bachelor degree in Biology, and also a Bachelor degree in Horticulture. She is currently in the Utah State Department’s Alternative routes-to-licensure program for highly qualified candidates.

Middle School Math: Christina Eischeid

Christina has a B.S. from the University of Notre Dame and a Master’s in Mathematics Education from Depaul University in Chicago. She is a graduate of Judge Memorial Catholic High School and Saint Vincent School. Christina has been working in math education for the past fifteen years. She has worked as a classroom teacher, a math specialist in Jordan and Salt Lake Districts, and as a curriculum writer, working on a middle school online textbook in a partnership with the State Office of Education and the University of Utah. This will be Christina’s second year teaching at Saint Vincent School. She is married and has two sons attending Saint Vincent School in 1st and 3rd grades.

Technology Integration Specialist: Alicia Sloan

Alicia graduated from Notre Dame de Namur University with a B.S. in Computer Science and a Master’s in Business Administration. This will be her seventh year teaching and second year at Saint Vincent School. Alicia is married to her husband, Cole, and they have two daughters, Emmaline and Victoria. Alicia enjoys playing sports, crafting, and spending time with her family.

Student Support Co-Director: Kerry Hankins

Kerry grew up in Huntsville, Utah and attended St. Joseph Catholic Schools from K-12. She graduated from Gonzaga University with a Special Education degree and received her Master’s in Reading and Literacy from the University of Utah. She taught 4th grade for eight years and Learning Resource for three years, both within the Diocese of Salt Lake City. She has been fortunate to teach multiple professional development classes in literacy, differentiation, and learning disabilities around the state. Kerry has been married for 17 years to Keith and has three children, Bridget, Rowan, and Declan. Her family loves to enjoy time together traveling, hiking, camping, and playing soccer.

Student Support Co-Director: Lisa Romero

This will be Lisa’s 22nd year working for the Diocese of Salt Lake City. She worked 20 years at JE Cosgriff, in the 4th and 1st grades. Last year she was a diocesan administrative intern at Saint John the Baptist Elementary. She is excited to join the Saint Vincent School student support team while she is working on a Master’s in educational leadership from Creighton University. Lisa earned her B.A. in History from the University of Utah and her teaching license from Westminster College. She has been active at St. Ambrose Parish, most recently as a DDD co-chair, and serving on the Renewal/Renovation committee and Parish Council. Lisa and her husband of 34 years, Jerome, miss their grown children. However, they are proud of David (married to Heather, living in WI) and Christina (first year teacher in SLC district) and are enjoying their empty nest.

School Counselor: Marie West

Marie holds a Master Degree in Counseling Psychology from The Adler Institute of Chicago and a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Loyola University of Chicago. She has over 10 years professional experience working with children and families in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Salt Lake. She is trained as a general practitioner in Adlerian psychotherapy and has additional expertise in the areas of attachment disorders, ADHD, relational discord and school-related challenges. As a counselor, she is able to integrate her knowledge of education and mental health with creativity, imagination and humor, to help instill in each student the confidence in their abilities to problem-solve, overcome personal issues, and work toward positive home and school experiences. She is married with two children, and in her free time enjoys supporting her local arts community and going on family adventures throughout Salt Lake.

PE Teacher: Brian McCloud

Brian has a B.S. in Exercise and Sports Science with and emphasis in teaching from the University of Utah. He is a native of Utah and went to West Jordan High School. Brian has a 12 year old daughter, Faith. He worked 11 years for the U.S. Forest Service as a wildland firefighter, and he enjoys being active in all things sports!

Music Teacher: Radu Noaghiu

Radu is from Romania and has a degree in music and specialty training in conducting choir, orchestra and piano. He graduated from the Transylvania Music University and got his masters degree from the University of Utah in conducting orchestra. He moved to Salt Lake City and has been at Saint Vincent School since 1999. He teaches music to all grades at Saint Vincent School and St. Olaf’s Catholic School in Salt Lake.

Spanish Teacher: Kari McMullin

Kari is starting her fourth year at Saint Vincent School and loves the community here. She has two Bachelor degrees from the University of Utah, in English and Honors Spanish. Her teaching certificate is from Westminster College. She is a member of ACTFL and CHADD, as well as multiple online professional development communities. Kari learned the bulk of her Spanish in Paraguay, but also lived and studied Spanish in Mexico at a language school. If she is not at school, she is most likely on the road to or from Judge, where she also teaches. Kari has three children and a dog, and loves running, gardening, reading, knitting, playing her guitar, traveling, camping, hanging with friends, and learning about anything that interests her.

Librarian: Giselle Airriess

Giselle has been the librarian teacher at Saint Vincent School since 1999. As a reading tutor since 2001, she is also on the literacy team and loves to see students embrace reading. Originally from Canada, she enjoys traveling to visit family. She and her husband, Andy, have two grown daughters, one in England and the other in California. Her goal at the school: Provide the right book, at the right time, with a smile!

Nano Nagle Director: Jeramie Green

Jeramie is the director of the Nano Nagle Childcare facility located on the Saint Vincent property. This is an infant through three-year-old childcare center that opened in 2009. Jeramie has a degree in Early Childhood Education. Prior to coming to Saint Vincent School, Jeramie was a teacher at Cosgriff Elementary for eight years. She has been married for 15 years and has three sons who attend Saint Vincent School. Jeramie enjoys spending time with her family outside of working.

Extended Day Director: Danielle Gibson

Danielle has many years of experience working at Extended Day. She also was the teacher for the two-year old program at Nano Nagle for four years. Danielle has two sons, Wyatt and Colton, enrolled at the Nano Nagle Children’s Center.

Band/Choir/Music Teacher: Scott Larrabee

Scott is a native of Utah. He has a Bachelor’s degree from DePaul University in Chicago in Music Education and a Master’s degree in Theology from Loras College in Dubuque, IA. He has been a music educator for 20 years teaching at all levels from elementary though college. He was a recipient of two outstanding educator awards, one in 1999 in memory of the late Carninal Bernadin in Chicago and another in 2011 at Saint Vincent School. Scott is an accomplished pianist and organist and been a church musician for 30 years working primarily in Catholic and Episcopalian churches. He has composed extensively for musical theater, choirs, and bands (even writing several pieces for steel drum ensemble). Scott enjoys playing jazz piano, solo and with various groups including “Higher Ground Jazz” and “Take 5.” Scott’s family includes his wife (of 25 years!), Angelique who cantors at St. Vincent de Paul Parish, two sons, Peter (age 15), Joel (age 14), and daughter Lucinda (age 11). Scott and his wife share a passion for old homes, cooking unusual cuisine, playing Renaissance music, camping, and hiking.

School Accountant: Jody Gibson

Jody has been the accountant for Saint Vincent De Paul School since 1997. She has an Associate degree and 38 years experience in accounting. She is married; has two daughters and two grandsons. She enjoys golf, photography, camping and being a grandmother. Jody handles all the tuition, payroll, and creates all financial statements for the school. Jody will be in the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays and works from home on Wednesdays and Fridays.


Jesse DeOllos and Frank Martinez

Office Assistant:

Lenny Bruno