2016 “A Night at the Derby” Auction Results

Special thanks to our Auction Chairs: Deidre Beck and Melissa Caywood

We want to thank everyone who attended our DERBY auction this year. Everyone was truly off to the races with lots of big hats and creative costumes. We made it to the finish line with a netted $103,000 in profit for Saint Vincent School. A special THANK YOU goes to all of our sponsors, donors, raffle purchasers, attendees and volunteers for making the St. Vincent de Paul Auction such a huge success.

The monies will be used for our school to purchase digital e-books, electronic door lock replacements, improvements to the school community garden, iPad apps, educational fieldtrips, a new copier for our teachers, Nano Nagle supplies and playground items, support Missoula Children’s Theatre and most importantly help those families in need with tuition assistance.

Thanks to everyone who supported this year’s auction. Don’t forget to thank donors as you frequent their businesses.

Raffle Winners

Cash Raffle

$1000: Bob Ithurralde
$500: Kim Neville Frankel
$250: Kyle Linke

Tuition Raffle

$2000 Tuition Credit: Rene Mickelson
$200 Cash: Cate Dyer
$100 Cash: Schorlemmer Family

Big Top Ticket

Joe and Jenni Libin (they chose the Maui Trip) Sold 45 Tickets or $4500)

Top Student Winners

1st, 2nd and 3rd: Emma Mitchell, Britain Bennett, and Sean/Aiden Ripplinger

Special thanks to our Advancement Office: Carol Barman & Marisa Jenny

Thanks to all of our Committee Chairs:

Jeramie Green, Charlotte Shragge, Bree May Purcell, Natali Hansen, Christina and Peter Eischeid, Justin and Rachael Rich, Katie Winson, Frank Pedroza, Kelly Love, Ashleigh May, Kim Neville Frankel, MJ Ahlin, Hamer Reiser, Lara Mason, Paul Frankel, Renee Yarrish, Luren Langberg, Alisha Jolley, Yvette Northway, Beth Sessions and Amy Norseth.