Blast Email: July 3, 2019

New Items, Reminders, and Upcoming Deadlines

  • Student Class Supply Lists
  • New Family Survival Guide
  • New and Improved ACH form
  • Dress Code and New Uniform Supplier Options
  • AmazonSmile Prime Day
  • Summer Camp and Tuition Withdrawals

Student Class Supply Lists

It is that time again! Get your coupons clipped and your shopping shoes on. Here are the class supply lists for the coming school year. The lists will also be available soon on our website under the parents/policies page. You can either bring your school supplies on the first day or bring them to your classroom August 12-15th 9:00a.m.-2:00p.m.

New Family Survival Guide

Every year new families enter our doors and it takes a little while to get situated. Many of us have been here for years and still find ourselves learning something new. Click here to download a copy of this year’s New Family Survival Guide. This is intended to help you familiarize yourself with essential topics and buzz words you may hear around the school. Take a minute to skim through so you can refer back to it as needed.

New ACH Form

In the past, there has been an ACH form for each facet of our organization. We are updating our records and each family needs to provide an updated form to our accounting office. Click here to download the new ACH form that will replace all other forms and take care of all your school ACH needs in one place. There is a line for each child and you will need to initial the items you want allow withdrawals for. Please download a copy for your family. Completed forms can be e-mailed to Michelle Allred,, or turned in to the school accounting office once school resumes.

Dress Code and New Uniform Supplier Options

Since we have made changes to purchasing options for our school uniforms and questions may arise, we would like you to review the student dress code policy to ensure that you are on the right track. The dress code policy is found in the student handbook. Click here to download an excerpt.

This coming school year, you will be able to purchase pants, shorts, and skorts from a different supplier other than St. Paul’s Place. All uniform items will still be available through St. Paul’s Place, but in answer to requests for different options, our Uniform Committee (Jen Cockle, Carina Lambert, and Cara Robertson) investigated new supplier options. As a result of this study, the school is working with Land’s End, Old Navy and Gap for our pants, shorts, and skorts. The Committee noted that, if you watch for the sales, you will be able to save money on these items compared to what you have spent in the past. Please visit the following links to view your options:

Land’s End
Old Navy & Gap Uniform Items

St. Paul’s Place is closed for the summer until August 3rd. They will have extended hours through August 11th, but their regular business hours during the school year are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday 7:45am-4:00pm; Closed Wednesday.

Please note that HSA will have another Used Uniform Sale in August (Date and Time TBD).

A big THANK YOU to our Uniform Committee!

AmazonSmile Prime Day

You can make a difference while you shop -Amazon Prime Day deals on July 15 & 16. Simply shop at and AmazonSmile donates to Saint Vincent de Paul Catholic School. You will see “Supporting: St Vincent de Paul Catholic School” below the Amazon search bar.

Summer Camp & Tuition Withdrawals

Withdrawals for Summer Camp at EDP are made the week following your child’s attendance at the camp.

The first tuition withdrawals will be made on the 5th or 20th of July, depending on which option you selected.

Please contact Michelle Allred for questions at 801-527-2024 or


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