Blast Email: June 13, 2018

Employee Changes

Mrs. Williams is Leaving After 24 Years of Service. Mary Williams started as a substitute teacher for her first year, was the school librarian for 3 years, taught kindergarten for 17 years, then was the third grade teacher for 2 years, and finally finished her time at St. Vincent’s co-teaching this year in first grade. Mrs. Williams has taken a position on the Power Hour Team at J.E. Cosgriff. We are tremendously grateful for her many years of service. She has distinguished herself as a very hard worker and someone who will do whatever it takes to help children. We wish her the best of luck in her future!

Mrs. Denise Calderbank, who was our first grade teacher for 2 years and then co-taught with Mrs. Williams in first grade this past year, is going on to other teaching opportunities. We thank her for her service to the school, her humor, and the joy she brought to the classroom. We wish her good luck in her next school!

Middle School Math and Science

As we continually work to improve our program, we are pleased to announce that every middle school grade will have split sections for math and science! Mrs. Eischeid will teach two sections of math for 6th, 7th, and 8th grades (one section of which is accelerated as we have done in the past) and Mrs. Musci will teach two sections of science for each grade. This will allow the students to receive more one-on-one attention and allow activities that are more difficult to do with bigger classes.

Employment Opportunities

Luckily, we have filled all of the open employment positions for next year except two: first grade teacher and 2nd grade aide. Please contact me at or 801-527-2042 if you know someone who has the appropriate skills, temperament, and credentials for these positions.


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