Parking Procedures

Spring Lane Lot
(All car pools, Grades 5-8, Kindergarten parents, and parents who have business in the school.)

This parking lot is accessible from Spring Lane. The entrance to use is the farthest EAST, right by the Nano Nagle Daycare building.

In the morning, follow the painted lane and the cones. Pull your vehicle all the way forward in front of the gym before unloading.

Please do not drop off your children by the daycare/faculty lot.

As you pull into the parking lot, please have your children ready to exit your vehicle. Only stop once to unload your children. Please be patient and do not CUT around cars. The vehicle in front of you will be moving in a manner of seconds. If it is necessary to converse with another parent or teacher, please park in the lot.

In the afternoon, use the same entrance as in the morning. Do not park in row of stalls next to the gym. We ask that if you park in the row nearest the school that you pull in facing the school. This will allow you to drive forward and allow for better vision. It would be greatly appreciated if high profile vehicles such as SUV’s, vans and trucks park farther back in the lot. This is so children can see and be seen. Please always look before you back up.

Kings Row Parking Lot
(For Pre-school parents and students in grades 1-4)

This parking lot is accessible from Kings Row Street. It has a “Merry-Go-Round” Lane painted on it. The lot works the same for picking up as well as dropping off. You enter the lot and drive in the lane marked by the solid line. Pull past the swing set playground and stop. Pull all the way forward. Now four or five vehicles can load and unload at the same time. If your child is not present and ready to load when you get to the pick-up point, please go around again. In the morning, please make sure that your children are promptly ready to unload. Pre-school parents should park and walk their students inside through the playground.

Please note the only cars parked in the Kings Row lot should be those of pre-school parents picking up and dropping off students. Pre-school students must be escorted to and from their classroom. Parents of students in grades 1st -4th, if you choose to park and walk into the building we ask that you park in the Spring Lane lot.

We thank you in advance for using caution and following these parking procedures. They are in place to keep our students safe.