Scrip Program

Scrip cards are purchased and operate like cash

Scrip cards are available through a national provider and are available for dozens of local retailers. Grocery Stores, Restaurants and Retailers are included on the diverse list of Scrip participants. The value of scrip is that it pays a percentage back to the school so dollar for dollar St. Vincent sees financial benefits. For example, a family buying a $100 scrip card to a grocery store will receive a $100 value in the form of a gift card. The grocery store contributes 5% or $5.00 of the gift cards face value to our school. The percentage varies by retailers ranging anywhere from 1% to 10%.

An important element of the Scrip program is it does not require any additional purchases outside your existing family budget. In fact, the Scrip program can assist families to further budget monthly expenditures; assigning set spending to categories such as food, dining and clothing.

Download the PDF above to see the variety of gift cards we have available to purchase.

Other Vendors/Special Orders go to for a complete list of vendors. If you see a vendor you would like to use that is not listed on the scrip form you then may be able to be special order those gift cards.

For questions please stop by the school office or call the school office at (801) 277-6702.

Scrip is a wonderful way to raise money for a variety of school activities and needs. The proceeds for this program help enhance our school throughout the academic year.

Thank you for your support!