Friday, May 24, 2024

Summer Literacy

Literacy All Star ReLiteracy-All-Starading

  • Literacy All Stars are returning for their second summer season!
  • Accept the challenge and strengthen your Mind, Body and Spirit!
  • ALL students will receive the Lit All Star Scorecard and summer challenge list–(on bright pink paper)
  • Review the Lit All Star Scorecard and Challenges, choose challenges, or think of your own.
  • COMPLETE Literacy Challenges, RETURN the Scorecard the first week of school, EARN an invite to the team party and other possible prizes.
  • Fill the scorecard with 49 challenges and earn an awesome SV Literacy All Star sports bag.
  • Scorecards are available in the school office, or find the logo under featured events on the SV website.

Please contact Student Support Co-Directors: Kerry Hankins or Lisa Romero with any questions.

Download the Literacy All Star Sheet