As Catholic Educators, we provide an educational environment where lifelong learning is a shared responsibility among students, teachers, administrators, families, and the parish community. We believe that families are the primary educators of their children; teachers help families by facilitating the students’ learning. We promote Catholic values, teachings, and practices at school and encourage families to do the same at home. With the families and school working together, we provide the best opportunity for children to develop into active Christians. To achieve this end, we hope to create a safe, loving, spiritual environment in which each student’s dignity is respected.

We believe in educating the whole person. Intellectual, social, physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of the student are nurtured through the practice of service, compassion, love, and respect. Teachers must not only instruct students, but also inspire them to reflect upon the message of the Gospel in their daily lives.

In our commitment to provide a sound academic program, students must become effective communicators and self-evaluators. It is vital that the education students receive is based firmly on the principles of learning and effective instruction, and is designed to meet the diverse learning styles of children. The school helps students challenge themselves to produce quality work and realize their full potential. We strongly believe that when we teach children to have a love of learning it will allow a discovery of the wonders awaiting them.