For Saint Vincent’s Uniform Guidelines, download the 2020-2021 Dress Code Policy.

This coming school year, you will be able to purchase pants, shorts, and skorts from a different supplier other than St. Paul’s Place. All uniform items will still be available through St. Paul’s Place, but in answer to requests for different options, our Uniform Committee (Jen Cockle, Carina Lambert, and Cara Robertson) investigated new supplier options. As a result of this study, the school is working with Land’s End, Old Navy and Gap for our pants, shorts, and skorts. The Committee noted that, if you watch for the sales, you will be able to save money on these items compared to what you have spent in the past. Please visit the following links to view your options:

Land’s End
Old Navy & Gap Uniform Items

St. Paul’s Place is closed for the summer until August 3rd. They will have extended hours through August 11th, but their regular business hours during the school year are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday 7:45am-4:00pm; Closed Wednesday.

Please note that HSA will have another Used Uniform Sale in August.